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Traveling with a hot lover is way more fun than traveling alone. I can be your guide around Moscow, but I can also be your sexy date, in the city of your choice!


I love to travel and I am always available for a quick, sexy getaway with you. I’d love to accompany you on your business trips or holidays and share this intimate experience together. But please talk to me in advance before planning our epic trip, so I can make sure that my schedule is free for the period you intend us to travel. Especially if we familiar feel free to contact me, I currently prefer to travel only like this. 

Travel costs are not included.

25% deposit is required in advance, in order to secure our trip. Additional expenses are required if I buy the tickets myself – in this case, round trip tickets are required in advance. 

The minimum engagement is 1 day. 

Methods of payment:

Cash: Dollars, Euro, GBP, Rubles.

Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPall



Any meeting will be an unforgettable experience with seductive and sensual pleasure.